Dzenita Djelilovic

BiH-71000 Sarajevo
Trešnje 1
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Road Transport

Fast and flexible transports


A major benefit of transport by road vehicle is its speed and flexibility. Irrespective of whether you need to move containers from one of Adriatic ports to the inland of BiH or in any of the countries of the former Yugoslavia, oversized consignments anywhere in or from Europe, home supplies, spare parts and equipment, especially valued items – we have the right solution for every job.

We provide our customers with consistently high quality, local know-how, an extensive network of reputable partners and many years of experience.

What we offer

  • Regular, direct lines from and to main European industrial centres
  • Individually optimised logistics solutions
  • Competitive terms
  • Organisation and execution of transports of all kinds and for all sectors of industry
  • Wide partner network
  • Storage, customs clearance, handling, packing etc.