Hamed Šivšić

Managing Director
BiH-71000 Sarajevo
Tresnje 1
Phone +387 33 775 450
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Construction materials

On track with the professionals

Cement, lime, gypsum, gypsum plasterboard, insulation, tiles, glass products, clay, china clay, sand, gravel, grit, chalk, salt and sulphur: there is a multitude of construction materials that need to be transported. And this requires a broad range of skills. Our professionals prepare transports of this nature in accordance with the customer’s needs and ensure quick and cost-effective delivery.

A wide range of different types of wagon are used in the process to suit the needs of the different products: for example class Za wagons for liquid marble powder, silo wagons for powdered goods, class T wagons for goods that are discharged by gravity or class H wagons for palletised goods.

What we offer

  • Construction site, storage, silo and road logistics services
  • Optimisation of construction sites through the construction site/transport interface function
  • Choice of the right equipment, such as special containers and load securing

Naturally we also arrange door-to-door deliveries, with pre- and post-carriage by road or onward carriage by ship also forming part of our service offer. Excellent contacts with our worldwide partners ensure that your transport runs smoothly and efficiently.